about us

Brief Overview

Environmental Resources Managers Limited (ERML) is a multidisciplinary sustainable development consultancy company established in 1994, with 100% Nigerian ownership.

Our head office is located in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial nerve center, and our field office/laboratory is in Warri, the heart of the Niger Delta, the Oil producing region. We collaborate regularly with local and foreign companies of proven expertise in order to ensure that our services meet international standards.

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider of Sustainable Development Consulting and Management Services in Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide services that articulate and win support for Sustainable Development options by deploying available local and international human and material resources that assure our promise of quality. Safe practices, innovation, consultation, adaptive management and client feedback shall guide all our operations.


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Community Relations

Socio-Cultural Issues and Community Relations

Having successfully implemented a number of environmental studies with strong emphasis on socio-cultural issues, including the Niger Delta Environmental Survey Phase 1, we recognize the importance of the interrelationships between socio cultural and environmental issues, and posses the experience and capabilities to help companies deal with them.

In addition, during project implementation we pay particular attention to community relations and stakeholder opinions/perceptions. Local labour is utilized whenever possible in order to stimulate the economy of the host community. Such hired local labour is placed under the firm discipline of ERML personnel.

Our general approach to programmes spanning several months is to establish long term working relationships with community representatives in the programme/project area with the aim of enhancing the development of marketable skills in the communities, and improving their understanding of industrial activity-environment interactions.