Management Personnel

Meet Our Management Personnel


The activities of the company are championed by sound personnel which comprised of individuals who have excelled in their chosen areas of endeavour and are acknowledged as persons of the highest integrity in business and personal relations. Our personnel includes the following persons:

Mr. IMEVBORE, Victor - Managing Director

He has managed ERML since 1996, soon after the company was established. From its humble beginnings in 1996, with only one support staff, Mr. Imevbore successfully grew the company’s stature and size to one of the most admired environmental and sustainable development consulting firms in Nigeria. By 2002, ERML was well known within the Nigerian oil and gas industry and internationally as a provider of quality environmental services.

Although an Engineer by training, Mr. Imevbore has exhibited a natural flair for the inter-disciplinary field of sustainable development consulting. He has an enviable reputation as one of the best-rounded sustainable development practitioners in Nigeria and demonstrates not only the knowledge of pure science applications to environmental management of industrial activities, but also the social and cultural dimensions. His training as an engineer is readily identified in the way he has successfully applies scientific concepts to finding fit-for-purpose solutions to environmental challenges, particularly in the upstream oil and gas sector. He regularly manages large interdisciplinary expert teams on sustainable development studies and is also an established consultant with several oil and gas companies, other sectors, State Governments, Nigerian regulatory agencies, the World Bank/International Finance Corporation (IFC), UN Agencies and Financial Institutions in Nigeria.

In recognition of his scientific achievements, Mr. Imevbore received the distinguished Scientist award from the Faculty of Science of the respected Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife in 2004, while the Environment Magazine honored him as one of those who shape the environment in 2008.

He is a well-respected resource person on environmental issues and expert witness on knotty environmental litigation. Over the last 6 years, he has played a valuable role in the Nigerian oil and gas industry conferences on Health, Safety, Security and Environment, and is currently involved in various research areas including technology options to achieve zero harmful discharge of produced water in the Nigerian environment.

AMIDA, Oluwatosin - BSc. (Environmental Information Systems)

He is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing professional. He is proficient in several geospatial analyses involving Vector and Raster datasets. He is competent with several GIS software and tools and possesses valuable GIS experience in areas such as satellite image analysis, environmental modelling, data manipulation and general map design and publishing. He has brought his skills and expertise into view on the various GIS projects he has participated in within the company.

He is currently working on incorporating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology into GIS and Remote Sensing processes in the company.

NWADIKE, Emmanuel - BSc. (Senior Environmental Specialist)

Nwadike Emmanuel is a Microbiologist with over 10years experience in various aspects of environmental management consulting, including pre and post activity Environmental Impacts Assessments, Environmental and Social Compliance Monitoring of Industry activities both offshore and onshore. He has supervised several field sampling programs in the Niger Delta swamps. Mr. Nwadike is well vast in equipment handling for various environmental measurements.

He is presently leads the Environmental Monitoring department of ERML. He has also managed several key projects executed by ERML.

AGBEBI, Oluwaseun - B.Tech (Laboratory)

Agbebi Oluwaseun, is an Environmental Specialist/Analyst with experience in environmental field work and designs, environmental laboratory analysis with keen interest in Instrumental Analysis/Chemistry. He has been actively involved in numerous completed and on-going projects in Nigeria especially in laboratory analysis and data generation for use in a variety of environmental studies/reports.

Currently, he leads a team of chemists/analysts in ERML Laboratory with involvement in analysis like hydrocarbon analysis (GC-FID, GC-MS), crude oil fingerprinting/forensics, metal analysis (MP-AES, AAS, and Flame photometer), soil & water chemistry, microbiology, toxicity, bioaccumulation, etc.

In the same vein, Agbebi Oluwaseun is also an author of numerous published scientific articles. He has participated in various projects.

OYELAMI, Ayodeji - Ph.D (Environmental & Social Studies)

Dr Oyelami is an experienced Environmental Scientist with a focus in the area of remediation of contaminated land & ecotoxicology. He is able to use his systemic research and analytical skills to solve complex problems and make valuable expert recommendations.

His research focused on investigating the impact of sorbent materials on the biodegradation of contaminants in soils, with a view to reducing the bioavailability; hence, reducing risk that contaminants pose. He specialised in the development of new methods for the bioremediation of contaminated soils; and methods for identifying the mechanisms of toxicity occurring in cells when exposed to novel materials. He is well-versed in the generation/use of statistical data required for the completion of large projects, and has advised/provided guidance on data interpretation.

He has written several sections of multiple consultation documents, participated at public consultation events in areas due for redevelopment; including writing literature aimed at various stakeholder groups.

ERONDU, Emeka - B.A., M.A (Chief Admin/HR Officer)

Mr. Emeka Erondu is the Chief Admin/HR officer of ERML, he has many years of experience in Administration and Human Resource Management. He has vast knowledge of the oil & gas industry with great expertise in permitting and agency requirements and permits processing. He has also mobilized expatriates for many oil & gas field work.

ODETOKUN, Gbenga - B.Sc., ACA (Chief Finance Officer)

Gbenga M. Odetokun is an Accountant with over 7years of professional experience. He implemented various Fiscal and Economic Policies related to the financial operations of ERML as well as the full implementation of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).