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  Our Facilities  

Office Facilities
ERML offices are equipped with state-of-the art Information Technology (IT) facilities. These include:
  • Over 45 Personal Computers (PCs) some of which are capable of handling large data sets of over 20GB in size
  • Several HP DeskJet and LaserJet printers (Handles various size papers)
  • Plotters (AO and A1 sizes)
  • Digitizers (A1 and AO sizes)
  • Scanners (A3 size capability)
  • Photocopiers
  • Network interconnection and individual email facilities for all staff and workstations.

Software applications typically used include the following:

  • All ranges of Microsoft packages (MS Office, MS Project, Publisher and others)
  • GIS – ArcGIS, V 9, ArcView 3.3 with Spatial analyst and image analyst extensions, ArcInfo 7.1, ER Mapper 6.1, and Auto Cad 2000 
  • Statistical Packages – SPSS, SAS
  • Modeling - OSIS for Marine Applications
  • Laboratory – Chem Station, Lab Manager and others.

Laboratory Facilities
The following field and laboratory equipment are available at the ERML Laboratory Department



1. General Laboratory Facilities

4.Microbiological Analysis


Millipore Testing Kit (Bacteriology)

Machine Distillers




Hot Plates


De-Ionizer Model (Fistream)




Refrigerators, Deep Freezers and Oven

5.Soil/Sediment and Water Studies

2. Field Studies

Test Sieve Shaker

Conductivity Meters

Muffle furnace

Salinity Meters

Orbital Shaker

PH Meters

Soxhlet Oil Extractor

Water Samplers

Aluminum Block Digesters BD-20

Eckman Grabs

Redox Electrodes

sCurrent Flow Meters

6.Toxicity Experiment

Dissolved Oxygen Meter with Probe

Aquarium tanks of various sizes filled with pump and filter & Microtox

Global Positioning System (GPS)

7.Digital Mapping Equipment



Hand held Levels



High Speed Computers

Graduated Staff Poles

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)


Digital Cameras

Hand Augers

8.Air Quality Studies

Plankton Nets

LaMotteÒ Air Sampling Kit

3. Chemical Analyses

ELE PID Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Meter

Moisture Extraction Oven

Taylor Winscope Anemometer


Extech Noise Level Meter

Varian UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Skyes Pyranometer

Hach Turbidimeter (2100 P)

Pretel Altimeter

COD Reactor (Hach)

Pretel Hygrometer

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Buck Scientific


GC / FID, GCMS and PID Hewlett Packard and SRI








DR/2000 Spectrophotometer


DR/5000 Spectrophotometer


DR/6000 Spectrophotometer


HANNA PH/ORP/EC Multi Probe Meter


Rotary Evaporator (Lab Tech)



Professional Collaboration
ERML has collaborated and maintains strategic alliances with the following local and international companies.

Mail-In Oilfields Services
Warri, Delta State Nigeria
(Laboratory based activities)

Applied Science Associates
Rhode Island USA
(Marine Information Systems)

URS Infrastructure and Environment UK Limited   
Global Best Practices in Sustainable Development, Risk Modelling 

BMT Cordah, UK
Marine Environmental Risk, Fate and Effects Modeling

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