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Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing has changed our world with the avalanche of techno-gadgets, housing appurtenances, improved transport systems, medicines, clothing and food resources produced from various factories across the globe. Today’s world is very much characterized by a culture of increasing consumption of manufactured goods. Globally also, manufacturing companies provide sources of livelihood to significant numbers of individuals, families and whole regions within countries.

This industry is however one of the largest contributors to water, air and land pollution, the packaging waste problem and occupational safety hazards. To ensure that the development benefits of manufacturing are not outweighed by the environmental and social risks, manufacturing companies are today, facing stricter environmental and social (E&S) performance requirements such as stricter effluent and emission discharge limits. Moreover, improved E&S performance has been shown to increase financial performance of corporate entities and so there is a new trend towards implementation of voluntary E&S policies and practices among manufacturing firms.

ERML helps manufacturing companies to comply with both regulatory E&S requirements and internal policy commitments. Our services in this area include Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Environmental Audits, Environmental and Social Due Diligence, development of HSEMS, effluent and emissions monitoring, waste management planning and training.

Our specific experience in this sector covers the following types of manufacturing facilities:

  1. Dairy products
  2. Animal feed
  3. Bottled water
  4. Confectioneries
  5. Vehicle assembly
  6. Cocoa processing
  7. Edible oil refining
  8. Foundries
  9. Household goods
  10. Petro-Chemical